Singtel partners with perx and taskamigoWe received tips that Singapore based TaskAmigo and Perx will enter into some form of partnership agreement with Singapore’s leading telco.

One of the space that is heating up in Singapore is the peer to peer task outsourcing platform. This vertical is made popular by the huge success of Silicon Valley based TaskRabbit, a platform that connects people who need tasks done with people willing to do those tasks for a fee. A while back, we did a feature of the various startups that models upon the TaskRabbit model in Singapore, which subsequently saw main stream media New Paper featuring some of the startups we mentioned too.

TaskAmigo disclosed no further details

Recently, we received news that TaskAmigo, one of the startups operating in this space has entered into a “partnership agreement” with SingTel. TaskAmigo can be recognized by their distinct Amigo hats as their brand identity. We reached out to the team for verification but we were unable to get any further details. Whatever the partnership agreement is, if SingTel is backing up TaskAmigo, they will definitely get a huge headstart ahead of their counterparts.

Perx has a few “big updates” coming soon

On top of that, we also received a similar news that Perx, one of our Echelon 2012 alumnus which operates in the mobile loyalty space in Singapore, also entered into a similar “partnership agreement” with SingTel.We have also reached out to Perx regarding the matter, but no future details can be gathered from them. However, the team does have a few “big updates” in the pipeline and we would just have to wait for the announcement.

With SingTel, Singapore’s leading telco backing up both TaskAmigo and Perx, thereby possibly giving them access to all their subscribers and telco partners around the region, both the startups will gain a significant edge above their competitors. For TaskAmigo, some of their competitors include FlagAHero, Juubs, Taskporter and TaskIsland. On the other hand, Perx is competing against players such as Squiryl, Around! and PointPal.

TaskAmigo team

Photo Credits: New Paper

Perx Team

Photo Credits: Perx