Parcel Perform, a Singaporean SaaS platform for  parcel tracking announced that it has expanded into Europe with its new office in Germany.

The company partnered with Coureon Logistics, a digital logistics provider for national and international shipping, to offer end-to-end e-commerce logistics management from parcel booking to parcel tracking across multiple carriers.

Along with the expansion, the company also introduces a new feature that includes enhanced real-time reporting to analyse logistics performance and an improved dashboard with more detailed insights and intuitive overview of parcel statuses.

The new feature, the company said, enables e-commerce businesses to improve customer experience, reduce customer service costs, and optimise logistics performance.

“Europe remains an extremely complex continent from a supply chain perspective with a multitude of logistics players across all markets. Our Parcel Perform platform aggregates and standardises logistics data, allowing e-commerce businesses to track, analyse, and predict parcel movements, enabling companies to make sense of their logistics data and better manage their operations.”

“The market for customer experience, personalisation, and tech-enabled logistics management is ripe for growth and we are well-positioned to help companies grow in this area,” says Dr. Arne Jeroschewski, Founder and CEO of Parcel Perform.

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Parcel Perform’s expansion into Europe comes on the heels of momentum for the company as it introduces a global brand refresh along with new logistics intelligence features on its platform.