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SaaS provider for education sector Quintal has secured a seed funding round led by East Ventures. The funding amount was undisclosed.

The newly-raised capital will be used to increase new talent recruitment (particularly in its tech team) and accelerate development of a B2B marketing system.

Quintal services consist of several systems developed to support school administrative needs, in form of Learning Management System (LMS) and School Administration Information System. The startup has a rather specific target market, which is K-12 level schools in Indonesia (or similar to elementary to high school level).

The system was developed in order to tackle teaching efficiency issues, which are believed to have hampered the learning process.Teachers are often burdened by the obligation to manage administrative tasks that it often disrupts study hours in the classroom.

Quintal uses a digital approach to design a more structured process to ease teachers’ workload.

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Apart from that, Quintal also provides online learning service that enables teachers to upload study materials and examination activities into the portal. The system is designed so that parents can monitor the students’ progress in school.

To date, the Quintal system has been implemented in five private schools and is fulfilling the administrative needs of more than 2,000 students.

Prior to the investment, Quintal has been boostrapping its business for one and a half year.

This year, Quintal aims to expand its market and add more features in its product, including the launch of a school finance management system that accommodates tuition fee payment, teachers and staffs’ payroll, and even development fee.

The system can also accommodate various curricula implemented in the Indonesian school system such as Kurikulum 2013, Kurikulum 2016 (KTSP), and even the Cambridge curriculum.

“The challenge in implementing education technology lies in how fast we can adapt to new adjustments or updates. For example, a certain school might adopt a particular curriculum with its own unique design, which we need to adapt real quick. Especially when they are changes from the regulatory side. The development team needs to move faster,” according to Quintal CEO and Co-Founder Danny Saksono.

In the future, Quintal plans to work closer with policy-makers in the Indonesian education sector to push for massive implementation of its system in schools.

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