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Among the many problems that companies often have to contend with, lead-to-sale (L2S) management is at the pinnacle of pain points. From problems on the lack of consolidation, to slow response time, and even to lack of incentives for salespeople when it comes to promoting accountability.

All of these problems espouse insufficient insights from lead-to-sale data to accurately measure the effectiveness of advertising efforts, ultimately resulting in marketing teams missing opportunities to improve the return of investment.

It is with this regard that the folks at SalesCandy decided to launch a mobile app called SalesCandy® LMS to address concerns surrounding these topics.

What the company created accommodates these exact problems: an app that picks up leads generated through multiple traditional and digital channels and routes them instantly to the salespeople’s mobile phones the moment an enquiry is submitted, enabling them to get in touch as swiftly as possible.

How SalesCandy came to be

Stanley Chee and Jeffry Chan, having ran performance marketing agencies focusing on online lead generation campaigns, observed that miscommunication and misunderstandings between sales and marketing departments often result in frictions that affect overall sales performance. Such problems arise from flawed and inefficient lead management. Because of this, they created a lead routing system that instantly connects online leads from lead sources to salespeople’s mobile phones for immediate attention and action.

With this product, in less than 18 months since their launch, they have acquired 29 clients with more than 1,300 users across five countries. They have successfully penetrated key Southeast Asian territories like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. To add to that, 2 of their 27 clients are global fortune 500 companies.

This expansion is prompted by a regional understanding of the importance of proper, secure, and efficient lead management—something SalesCandy readily offers.

Understanding how SalesCandy LMS works

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What SalesCandy LMS offers is a very clear and streamlined procedure not only to generating quality leads, but more importantly, to sustain those leads and extract insights for future advertising purposes.

The process begins with identifying prospect leads through online enquiries. These prospects leads are automatically routed to salespeople who will contact them within five minutes. Leads routed to unresponsive salespeople will be rerouted to the next best salespeople to handle them.

All interactions between the prospective leads and the salespeople are captured to track progress and allow the salespeople to initiate follow ups.

Through this interaction, performance reports are generated to monitor sales and see the viability of the efforts employed in the process of lead generation and lead management. This is where we see if the lead decides to buy.

Throughout this cycle of processes, every interaction and lead behaviour is documented and gathered as data. After proper synthesis, this data is converted into consumer insight which can help improve future advertising efforts and, by extension, helps the sales process flourish for a better return of investment.

Global recognition of a growing powerhouse

What SalesCandy has achieved in such a short time is certainly something worth noting. Since its debut into APAC’s tech ecosystem, SalesCandy has been stepping up its game and has steadily expanded regionally.

Having secured its first clients in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines, they have also established partnerships with RISE & Ureka Media to strengthen their position in both Thailand and Vietnam. In Malaysia, SalesCandy is also working with Lion & Lion where SalesCandy LMS helps Lion & Lion to manage their lead generation campaign for their client, Tropicana Corporation Group (property development division).

In December 2017, they won the inaugural Hong Leong Bank LaunchPad Challenge in Malaysia. The HLB LaunchPad is a platform that seeks to nurture new ideas and talent from FinTechs and Tech Startups that reinvent the way people bank today.

SalesCandy also qualified as one of the Top 15 startups in D-NEXT by PTT Digital X RISE in Thailand last May 2018. D-NEXT is a regional accelerator program co-produced by RISE Corporate Innovation Accelerator and PTT Group.

In the same year, they garnered a spot among AmBank BizRACE’s Top 15 finalists and won the Digi Innovation Award, represented Malaysia in Echelon Top100 APAC startups of 2018 in Singapore, was awarded Audience Choice at the [email protected] Startup Challenge by Startup SG, as well as part of the cohort in the Supercharger Malaysia 2018’s second Fintech Accelerator Programme, a Top 10 finalist in Betapitch KL 2018 by Betahaus, and was a Semi-finalist at the PUMMTEC Entrepreneur Day 2018.

Needless to say, SalesCandy has been working very hard to improve their product, learn from the best, and scale regionally in order to meet growing global demands for a more effective lead-to-sale management system.

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