The week is almost over but fresh troubles have hit Samsung’s problematic Galaxy Note 7 phone: major airlines regionally have banned passengers from using the device on board planes.

The list of airlines include:

  1. Tiger Airways
  2. Jetstar
  3. Singapore Airlines (SIA)
  4. Qantas
  5. Virgin Australia

The spokespersons for SIA and Virgin Australia separately issued statements stating that passengers will not be allowed to charge or power on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones during flights.

This development comes after Samsung issued a global recall for its newest flagship phone after suspected battery issues caused the device to catch fire — or in some cases, explode.

US air safety regulators have also now listed the phone as a “potential fire hazard” and urged passengers to refrain from using the phones during flight.

Just yesterday, a Jeep in Florida┬ábecame engulfed in flames when the driver’s Samsung Galaxy Note 7 combusted while it was being charged in the vehicle.