Social game targets Jakarta as location

It is year 2078. Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is in distress. The wonderful city has been invaded by extraterrestrial enemies, aiming to destroy the stability, peace and rapid economic growth enjoyed by the people in a parallel universe. You are now a hero assigned to defend and protect your homeland from these forces of terror in Legend of Fantasia.

Nijibox, Tokyo-based developer of social games, launched its newest game, Legend of Fantasia, as covered by DailySocial, this month. The third of the Fantasy Series was released for the platform, Kotagames, and will soon adopt the mig33 platform.

Nigibox has also launched more than 46 titles across 18 social game platforms since its establishment in 2010. To date, there are 5 million installers from around the world and 400,000 users playing games by the company.

Players can befriend other players and use this to help them complete missions and chat with other players easily. The game comes with multiple levels, challenging missions and special cards with unique abilities, one of which is the “HERO” card, which gives gamers a special power.

Only made for the Kotagames and mig33 platforms, Nigibox rationalises the choice as follows. First, Kotagames is currently growing fast in Southeast Asia and East Asia with a total of more than 2.5 million users altogether. Mig33, on the other hand, is the largest mobile and web community in the Southeast Asia region with 65 million users. As long as the user has a web browser and a stable internet connection, he or she will be able to play the game as both platforms are accessible from many different types and brands of mobile phones.

It is obvious, of course, that by setting the location of the game to Jakarta, the company is trying to attract more people from Indonesia to download and play the game. Other games created by Nigibox include Cat A Lot, Monster Fantasia, Tokyo Wardrobe, leaning toward the ‘kawaii’ side, with no reference to any particular country. The Southeast Asian country, with a population of 242 million people, has been receiving a lot of media attention lately with regard to mobile gaming apps.

Image Credit: Chip Online