Scooterson team

US-based startup Scooterson, which has its R&D office in Singapore, has unveiled a new foldable light-weight smart e-scooter, Elf.

The new model — which comes in two variants, Elf and Elf+ — will be available in Singapore from October this year. The user will have the option to either purchase or subscribe to it.

While Elf (UL 2722-certified) is priced at S$799 (US$578), Elf+ costs S$999 (US$723).

The subscription fee is S$49.9 (US$36) per month each for both models. The vehicles weigh less than 30 pounds (13.6kg) each.

“Elf, which stands for Electric, Lite, and Fun, is the world’s smartest kick-scooter designed to have the most required attributes of the daily riders,” claims Scooterson CTO Deepansh Jain.

“Based on our tests, we noticed that almost all riders are comfortable to lift a scooter that weighs between 25 and 30 pounds. Also, the statistics show that riding a scooter more than 20 miles a day is very unlikely,” he added. “We worked on making the frame lighter and adding more cells without crossing the 30-pound limits. Built from light magnesium alloys and automotive-grade aluminium and weighing only 27.5 pounds, Elf is easy to fold and lift into your car trunk.”

The Elf models come equipped with many innovative features: “Smart Ride” helps riders optimise the mileage by suggesting the most efficient riding mode for the already-known roads. On the other hand, “Charging Reminder” reminds the user to put two-wheeler at charging whenever he/she is in a charging-friendly location.

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The “Adaptive Lights” feature in the vehicle can sense the ambient light and switch on and off for better visibility and safety.


The Elf models also boast of a smart battery management feature, which gives 20-plus miles range.

The user can manage all scooter functionalities from the Scooterson app for better performance and battery life to suit the way you ride.

Elf also features ‘anti-shenanigans tech’, which enables the user to know his/her Elf location anytime using the ‘Find My Scooter’ feature on the app. The anti-tampering alarm will send the user a notification to his/her phone each time someone tries any shenanigans with the Elf+.

It also comes in vivid colours and fully programmable mood lights, which will add more visibility and safety while riding in the night.

The Remote Diagnosis feature enables Scooterson’s engineers to detect and conclude the issues faster without further ado, to shorten the service turnaround time.

Elf also stores and process all the telemetry data in the cloud. Based on this data, the app will start giving you suggestions on how to improve your riding style.

Shipping of Elf and Elf+ will be started in September in Europe and North America.

Scooterson was founded in 2016 by Romanian national Mihnea de Vries (CEO) and Jain. In January last year, Scooterson secured US$1.75 million in seed funding from Arsat Industry, a manufacturer of precision metal parts for leading automobile companies in the world.

The company’s first model Rolley, still in Beta, is available only in the US.