Echelon Roadshow 2019 Phnom Penh

What is a great startup idea without an audience?

With the Echelon Asia Summit only a few short months away, you can start creating buzz in your own startup community by joining the Echelon Roadshow 2019 Phnom Penh! Not only does this open up opportunities for startup founders to meet potential partners and investors who can help scale your business, but it’s a chance to truly learn from some of the best and brightest in the startup scene.

We know exactly what startups built on great ideas need—a good break and a chance to dazzle the right people, which is why lo and behold: the Echelon Roadshow 2019 Phnom Penh is designed specifically to gather the right people together and celebrate ideas.

Not only that, it also features key speakers who will be sharing important business insights that can help sharpen young business sensibilities, tailor fit for today’s demands.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this one of a kind opportunity to brush elbows with potential partners, investors, or other similarly important people and WOW them with your million-dollar-idea!

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The Echelon Roadshow 2019 Phnom Penh is part of a series of international stops leading up to the annual Echelon Asia Summit happening in May. It is happening on 14 March, 2019, from 5pm to 9pm.

RSVP to the Roadshow is free, so if you want to grab the chance to learn about Southeast Asian tech and be able to expand your network—grab your tickets now!

Tickets are running out fast so visit the Echelon Roadshow 2019 Phnom Penh page here to find out more details!