Startups and budding game developers fond of the Mochi Media gaming platform are in for some bad news. The Flash-based game development service will be shut down by the China-based parent company Shanda Games, known for publishing Dragon Nest and the upcoming Million Arthur in Southeast Asia (via the Cherry Credits distribution channel).

According to an announcement on the site’s blog (via Techcrunch), the platform was shut down because it did not have a meaningful position beyond the Flash engine that would have carved a different path for the company. Flash games stagnated due to the appearances of small titles on other platforms and engines like iOS and Android. Partners of the platform will need to backup and download their data before the service shuts down by the end of the month.

Furthermore, a post by Co-founder Bob Ippolito questioned the motives and decisions made by Shanda Games by stating that the buyout was not a good decision. “Nobody at Mochi wanted this to happen and there were parties interested in acquiring Mochi from [Shanda Games] (including myself) for more than they’d make by dissolving it. They’re simply not interested in making a rational decision here, and they certainly don’t care about you all like we do (past and present Mochi employees). We’ve been trying to prevent this from happening for quite some time, but we failed to change their plans.”

Previously, Shanda Games acquired Mochi Media for US$80 million in 2010.