Don’t text and drive. According to a campaign based in the US, “individuals who drive while sending or reading text messages are 23 per cent more likely to be involved in a car crash than other drivers”.

But what about individuals who cross the road while sending or reading text messages? A report in Forbes published yesterday about a group of lawmakers in Taiwan made us look up from our smartphones and into the message of ‘don’t text and walk’. Contributor Ralph Jennings added that the law will not work in the country.

The Taiwanese legislators are trying to pass a bill, which will fine pedestrians who use smartphones while crossing the street a NT$300 (US$9.93). Chiu Chih-wei, the legislature’s chief backer, said that the pending law will serve as a warning to the public.

Having passed one out of three steps towards finalisation, the bill will eventually see an “enforcement plan” being put in place, which may involve “mounted cameras”, said Chiu, who was cited in the same Forbes report.

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Chiu voiced out that drivers will still have to bear responsibility. However, with the law being implemented, people will be more mindful of their personal safety, especially while crossing the road.

Are we that addicted to technology that we cannot bear to look away from our devices for a few minutes? This author believes that the law should be implemented, since it can help to deter more road accidents.

Image Credit: YouTube