Finnish mobile gaming startup Snowfall has announced it has raised €1 million (US$1.12 million) in a round led by Frontier Singapore, which is the Singaporean chapter of Helskini-based VC Frontier.

The company will use the newly-raised capital to expand its presence in Asian markets, including Japan and Singapore. It also plans to develop more Moomin-themed mobile games for different ages.

Founded in 2014, Snowfall creates mobile games based on Moomins, which are popular Finnish cartoon characters.

“The Moomin is a globally well-known brand for the whole family,”said CEO of Snowfall, Petri Elovaara. “So far, no one has created a gaming company around it, which would focus only on producing Moomin-themed mobile games. We saw a clear market niche in this.”

Founded in 2008, Frontier has helped over 120 companies worldwide grow their businesses. It first entered Singapore in 2014, with the aim of helping Singaporean companies expand to Nordic Countries, the Middle East and Russia.

“We see that the Moomin brand has a lot of room for growth in Asia,” said Mikko Silventola, Partner of Frontier, in a press statement. “Moomin is already well known in Japan, but China and Southeast Asian markets are also really interesting for our mobile gaming company, which focusses on Moomin themed games.”

Image Credit: Snowfall