Event details:

  • Start: Wednesday, 26 February, 2014 07:00 p.m.
  • End: Wednesday, 26 February, 2014 09:00 p.m.
  • Venue: Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street, #05-07, Singapore 188067
  • Country: Singapore
  • Register here
  • Organizer : e27

What it’s all about


The one thing that all businesses need to stay afloat. It’s one thing to be an employee working for a living, but founders and entrepreneurs know that without a revenue stream, businesses fail.

With over 30 years in Sales and Marketing and a specialty in mentoring and coaching startups in The Art of Sales, we’ve invited Kristav Childress, CEO at NanoThree and Mentor at The Founder Institute, to be our guest speaker for the evening.

Join Kris and e27 as we explore the art of hustling, lead generation, closing deals and delivering good on sales promises.

Who is it for?

– Startup teams that want to understand the role of sales in their business

– Founders and teams looking to understand how sales can drive business

– Business Development teams who want to improve sales strategies and tactics

– Tech and development teams that want to know how their role can impact sales

Kris will also share insights from a technology perspective as CEO of NanoThree, a Singapore founded company that has developed a breakthrough technology for greatly improving the mixing of gases in water. He has also accumulated decades of experience as the Sales Lead in various US tech companies.

If you desire to learn actionable and scalable sales skills to better your business, sign up for Founders Drinks today and let’s connect!


06:30 pm – 07:00 pm – Registration
07:00 pm – 08:00 pm – ART OF SALES: Top 10 Tips for Startups to Clinch Deals
08:00 pm – 08:15 pm – Pitch It! Sell It!
08:15 pm – 09:00 pm – General Networking

Pitch it! Sell it!

For a spot of fun, we are opening up the floor at the end of Founders Drinks for a session where attendees try to sell a variety of items based on some techniques that are shared by Kris. Each participant for this session receives another complimentary drink!

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