Update: Details about the company’s funding and plans

Singapore-based cloud company Alpha7 today announced that it has raised a total of US$5.2 million in private funding to date from the founder and undisclosed private investors, following a US$2.7 million seed funding round the company has raised previously.

In a press statement, the startup said that it is currently looking for investors to support product development and regional expansion plan to Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

It has also secured clients in Singapore, Australia, and Europe.

Founded in 2014 by CEO Lynette Seah, Alpha7 aims to promote the use of cloud and digital tech to business owners, entrepreneurs and CXOs to help them grow their businesses.

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It described its service as a “COO-as-a-service.”

The startup has launched its digital dashboard A7 IoB (A7 Internet of Business) in August 2017. The platform enables business owners to view their business data (on marketing, sales, operations, finance and HR) in just one place. It can also be used by enterprises to provide services for their SME clients.

In an email to e27, Seah explained that the US$5.2 million has been used to build and launch the A7 IoB platform.

“We are in the process of separating our Solutions business A7 IoBR from our Advisory business under Alpha7,” she wrote.

“The A7 IoBR team is focussed in closing opportunities in Singapore, Australia, and Europe … They are also building out channels in these countries,” she added.

The platform has already been customised for a tech partner in Sweden and Alpha7 is working on getting exclusive terms to collaborate with the company in Europe.

It claimed to have 500 users online.

The startup said it is working with a “Singapore business accelerator that is a joint venture between top Asian bank” and a “government-backed venture capitalist fund under the National Research Foundation of Singapore” to help SMEs embrace digital technology.

Image Credit: Alpha7