muslim pro

Singapore-based app development studio Bitsmedia today announced that its Android and iOS religious app Muslim Pro has surpassed more than 10 million downloads across 216 countries since its launch in August 2010. In addition, it reported an average of almost three million monthly active users, which accounts for a good 30 per cent of its total user base.

While the app is known for its flagship feature that provides users with accurate prayer timings according to their location, users can also use the app to find Halal restaurants and mosques around them, check out the time on an Azan clock and look for global Qibla directions to Mecca.

It is noteworthy that e27 published an article dated last March that Muslim Pro had hit more than four million downloads. This means that the app had garnered more than six million downloads in just a year.

According to an official release, Muslim countries such as Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates, and “countries with large Muslim minorities”, including France, the US, and the UK, account for its top seven markets in terms of downloads.

Furthermore, the app usually garners more traction during Ramadan, the month of fasting according to the Islamic calendar, which can see up to 100,000 new users in a single day.

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“Once smartphones have become a neccessity in emerging markets like they are now for other parts of the world, we can expect Muslim Pro’s user base to increase by up to three times,” said Erwan Mace, CEO, Bitsmedia. He added that the increasing numbers of new platforms and community apps in the market will only drum up awareness for Muslim Pro, which will result in a surge in download numbers.

For the record, Bitsmedia is also the company behind Quit Pro, an app to help smokers quit the addiction, and Frenzapp, an app to help users find new new apps.

UPDATE: Commenting on marketing efforts to promote the product, Mace told e27 that the company only invests in advertising during Ramadan and the week of the Hajj pilgrimage.

Otherwise, the app has been profiting from pure organic growth, through word-of-mouth, sharing of prayer times and quotes from the Quran, and its presence on social media platforms like Facebook, wherein it has more than 630,000 fans.

In the coming months, users can look forward to a Windows Phone version. The firm had released Muslim Pro on the BlackBerry 10 platform last week.