Lovebirds on Singapore-based free iOS and Android couple app, LoveByte, can now chat throughout the day with more stickers. The startup today introduced its new Sticker Shop, which boasts 16 sets of specially designed stickers.

According to the press release, the stickers were largely designed by a variety of external artists to provide a wider range of styles. Amelia Chen, CEO and Co-founder, LoveByte, said that out of 16 sticker sets, three of them were launched earlier with the original app. In addition, among the 13, four sets were designed by the in-house designer, and are exclusive to the app.

She told e27 that users have been supportive towards the first three sticker sets, with one in every 10 messages sent being a sticker.

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Chen added that purchasable sticker sets are priced at US$0.99 per pack. While there will not be any promotional activity to get its 350,000 users to spend money on the stickers, some of the stickers have been made free.

She also said that the team had wanted to launch a Sticker Store from the start, but only found the resources to do so recently. At the moment, the newly launched marketplace is the app’s only way of generating revenue. However, in the near future, LoveByte will be looking to roll out its gift store.