Image credit: Lunch Kaki

Image credit: Lunch Kaki

In the ever-changing landscape of social networking/dating apps trying to bring something new or original to the table, Lunch Kaki has found a unique twist of its own — facilitating lunch meet-ups between like-minded individuals looking to do a bit of networking, or just plain socialising.

The app, which launches tomorrow on iOS and Android in Singapore, is giving away premium features to the first 500 downloaders.

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A search on Lunch Kaki

A search on Lunch Kaki

“Our first marketing campaign will be in Singapore, which will kickstart this Thursday. There will be weekly activities in the business vicinity areas around Singapore targeting the working crowd,” Melvin Tan, Co-founder, Lunch Kaki, told e27.

“Lunch Kaki facilitates individuals in getting to know one another in a casual and non-imposing manner over lunch. Be it for sharing of common interests or passions, finding a last-minute lunch partner (we would not be caught dead eating alone), widening of social circles, networking, dating — the possibilities are endless. Users can search and select ‘lunch kakis’ in their vicinity where a quick bio data of each user is made available,” he added.

The team plans to eventually offer the app in various languages and in markets beyond Asia, including Europe.

“We plan to scale fast as we foresee there will be similar apps popping out given our innovative and original idea — sending a lunch request… We have high hopes for the app, and making it a success globally is the ultimate goal,” Tan said.

Tan, who was a stockbroker before starting Lunch Kaki and which he describes as his first taste of entrepreneurship, says the idea is self-funded at present.

Lunch Kaki also plans to target other Asian markets such as China, Korea and Taiwan in the near future.

The other Co-founder is Taiwan-based Cheng Chuan Huang.

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