India business

Singapore-based Hatcher, a venture investment platform focussed on B2B startups in emerging markets, announced today it is expanding into India.

This presents an opportunity for more capital to flow into B2B startups in the subcontinent.

It has already brought three of its portfolio startups into India. They are:

  1. Singapore and Dubai-based payment services Telr
  2. Singapore-based business continuity services Dropmysite
  3. Delhi-based data analytics startup SocialCops

“Telr’s proprietary technology, fast onboarding capabilities, and innovative pricing will allow them to…provide Indian marketplaces and online stores with a new, highly secure alternative to the existing offerings.” said John Sharp, Hatcher’s Group CEO in an official press release.

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The press release also stated this expansion will allow Dropmysite to target hosting companies in India to distribute its extensive range of data backup and business continuity services.

Launched in 2013, Hatcher has built up a network of investors, mentors, technology experts and tech-focusssed B2B startups. It also has an investment management technology – the “Hatcher Cloud” – which aims to innovate the workflow of venture management process through transparency and real time communication.

Image Credit: Shutterstock