Geniebook, Singapore-based startup that identifies student’s strengths and weaknesses using artificial intelligence,announced that it has raised S$1.5 million (US$1.1 million) Pre-Series A funding led by Apricot Capital. Apricot Capital is a multi-asset private investment company based in Singapore.

Geniebook said that it will use the funding from this round to expand and strengthen Geniebook’s data science and curriculum team so it can improve the learning platform for its users, as well as for research and development of the platform’s AI technology.

Geniebook was founded in 2016 and it aims to “make learning more efficient and help students adapt to the changing education landscape”.

Using its platform, students are offered a personalised experience that targets their weak areas for revision with its curated worksheets and generates reports based on each student’s progress.

The founders of Geniebook are two ex-tutors, Alicia Cheong and Neo Zhizhong, who previously founded School Plus, a learning centre, in 2007.

“As tutors, both Alicia and I noticed a gap in the education sector where our students struggle to grasp concepts despite countless rounds of worksheets. We wanted to find ways to not only help our students learn more efficiently but help teachers like ourselves streamline revision in order to better allocate their resources to help students,” said Neo Zhizhong, CEO and Co-Founder of Geniebook.

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Through attempting worksheets targeting their weaker concepts, Zhizhong said he and Cheong realised that the students began to show improvement compared to repeated practice using general assessment papers, which led to the creation of the Geniebook platform.

The platform itself has seen an expansion of its services to include a Home Edition Package, where parents can use the app to track their child’s progress and assign worksheets for practice.

Geniebook has also introduced live online lessons, providing students with additional resources they can use to help supplement their learning on the platform.

There are more than 80,000 questions in Geniebook’s question bank developed by its in-house curriculum team, the company said.

“Working with the tech-savvy generation and the advancements of technology today, Geniebook aims to continuously work towards improving learning for students in Singapore,” said Alicia Cheong, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of Geniebook.

“With the evolving education landscape in Singapore, the edtech industry has been growing alongside this change in order to provide students with a better learning experience. Apricot Capital is delighted to support Geniebook,” said Managing Partner of Apricot Capital, Darren Teo.