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Singapore IoT startup Brazn raises US$3.65M funding from Tin Men

Brazn offers facilities solution Buildos, smart retail solution Retailr, and agriculture solution Agrios

Brazn’s founding team with Tin Men Capital partners

Brazn, a Singapore-headquartered IoT startup with offices and businesses in Thailand and Malaysia, announced today it has inked an agreement with B2B investment firm Tin Men Capital to raise US$3.65 million over two seed rounds.

Tin Men is Brazn’s first and only venture investor.

The funding will primarily be used to scale its secure facilities solution Buildos and smart retail solution Retailr. A portion of the money will go into launching its agriculture solution Agrios.

Brazn was started in July 2016 by Adrian Lee (CEO), Ong Su Hui and Ariff Razak. The firm has developed an open platform, called IOT Operating System, which is able to ingest various data protocols sent from any sensor device, digest and process these real-time data into actionable alerts and visualisations, and be integrated with existing business systems like POS and ERP.

In other words, Brazn solves the problem of integration fragmentation from sensors to third-party platforms aggregating solutions into one data bus and exchanging data from the home domain, to the city domain, to the agricultural domain and car domain.

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Brazn CEO Lee said: “The retail IoT space is filled with either point solutions that work in isolation, or large implementations that are not practical in today’s fast-moving world that needs on-demand SaaS solutions. Brazn brings deep domain knowledge, Big Data and business visualisations in one platform, that holistically addresses the real-world operational needs of retailers of every size.”

“Similarly, in the facilities space, we are not just another security platform provider or a video management provider. What we focus on is a layer of data intelligence that will change the game in terms of how facilities and properties are being managed that affects not only security but also energy savings, customer convenience and full automation,” he added.

Based in Singapore, Tin Men invests in industrial technologies and automation opportunities that are coming to the fore in Southeast Asia spanning segments such as smart cities, security, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation & supply chain, retail enablement, travel & tourism, and enterprise productivity.

Last August, the fund with a corpus of US$100 million announced the first close and also investments in two startups, namely Overdrive IOT and GlobalTix.

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