[Singapore] ISS-Cloud Sherpas Seminar

Learn to use the cloud & wearable technologies to transform customer service




Continuing economic uncertainty and unforeseen business conditions require operational flexibility to support growth, whether organic or via acquisition, while enabling innovation. The cloud provides the infrastructure and pay-as-you-go consumption model to contend with — and thrive under — today’s fast-changing business environment.

Cloud Computing is a key model that could change the way people access services and computing resources. Cloud computing enables rapid provisioning with minimal management efforts of measured, monitored and metered services.

Cloud-powered wearable technology will form an integral part of the ‘Internet of Things’ – a growing network of devices – from wearable tech and smartphones to road traffic sensors – that connect to the Internet to share data in real time.

In this seminar, you will learn:
– How to enable innovation at an enterprise level and get results
– What is the value of cloud adoption
– How an organisation transit from an enterprise IT to deliver business outcomes
– What wearable technologies can do for your organisation and you – Watch Google Glass “live” in action!

Event details:

Admission is free.

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