[Singapore] Kopi chat with HungryGoWhere

Kopi chats is a series of talks for the start-up community, served specially by NUS Enterprise alongside a good fresh brew of local coffee.


Kopichat- Hoong An (HGW) corrected


From humble beginnings starting on “borrowed” desks at a founder’s parents’ office
In the early days, “no restaurant wanted to be associated with social media”……….. To a successful exit.
Get to hear entrepreneur Hoong An, co-founder of HungryGoWhere, share on his mountain and valley experiences.

Come join us @ blk 71 for a cup of fresh kopi, some kaya toast and find out what’s brewing with our guest this week :)

Nature of Event:
Public Event (Open to the public community)

Event details:

  • NUS Enterprise
    NUS Enterprise Singapore NUS Enterprise strives to nurture entrepreneurial leaders for business success, while igniting the spirit of innovation and enterprise.
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