Sometimes, being the best app developer is not enough. With fierce competition from over a million apps in the App Store and Google Play each, it is imperative that developers find channels to market their apps to end users, lest they waste their effort and time making something people haven’t even heard of.

Now, we at e27 are excited to announce to you all about The Samsung-Vserv Innovation Competition which runs from 1st of July till 31st of July 2014. This is a chance not to be missed for you, as an Android Developer to show off your coding skills. All you need to do is to build any Android App and use Samsung APIs covered in the workshop (excluding Samsung API) and Vserv ads for monetization.

The prizes for this competition includes:

  • First Prize: Samsung gift pack worth US$2000
  • Second Prize: Samsung gift pack worth US$1000
  • Third prize: Vserv voucher worth US$500.

How to Apply
All you need to do is to visit and create a Vserv account on it. Thereafter developer will have to wrap his app with Vserv ads by Android SDK or APPwrapper. Submit the app to Samsung store. You would also need to email it to and cc it to and also to one Samsung contact. Title the email as “ Samsung Innovation competition + your name”. Please also remember to include key information into the email such as the Registered email with Vserv, Vserv ZoneID of the app, Link to Samsung Store and the Samsung App ID. For more information on the competition:Click here

By the end of the competition, Vserv will work out the revenue number and provide e27/Samsung with the stats for announcement and rewarding. So, keep a look out for the announcement!