Freeboh, a Singapore-based online job portal to help people find shift-based employment, announced today it has raised an undisclosed pre-Series A investment from a group of angel investors.

Investors include Pang Shuxin, the Executive Director of Mothercare and Chow Tuck Onn, Chairman of Diasham Resources.

The money will be used to help Freeboh scale-up its offerings marketplace in Singapore.

“At a time when startup funding is slowing down, that we are able to successfully complete this pre-Series A round is a strong endorsement by our existing as well as new investors of the potential of Freeboh to transform how shift-work is found and managed,” said Freeboh Founder and CEO Alex Pang in an official statement.

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Freeboh is working to differentiate itself in the job marketplace by offering flexible and various shift opportunities for people looking make a little cash on the side or find a job that fits other responsibilities (family being the one that comes to mind).

So the marketplace displays potential shifts for the employees and attempts to match them to the perfect fit according to work experience.

Many of the listings on the website are looking for a more permanent employee (for example, one company is targeting university students to work for a month or two during break).

Freeboh is also building a ‘work experience’ database based on a users time with his/her new company.

For employers, the company says its ‘shift-based hiring process’ improves efficiency of both hiring and managing temporary workers. Employers will receive shift availability and an overview of the person’s history (which is automatically generated using previous data). Freeboh will populate the work roster according to the hiring manager’s response and uses its technology to make the payroll integration simple.

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Freeboh claims to have 22,000 users on its platform (including an 80-year-old). Examples of the industries being displayed are food and beverage, logistics, marketing and cleaning.

Freeboh was founded in 2013.

Photo courtesy of Unsplash.