Heard about the lean start-up methodology developed by Eric Ries and Steve Blank? Want to gain a first-hand experience of using the lean methodology to validate your ideas and gain customer traction?

[email protected]’s upcoming Startup Dynamo is the place for you to be! Startup Dynamo is a lean startup workshop designed to use customer feedback to reduce time to market, reduce market risk for expensive product failures, shorten your product development cycle. The workshop will be conducted by Mr. Bryan Long, the founder from

Sign up and get ready for an intense and rewarding weekend where you put your idea to the test, talk to people on the streets, put prototypes in front of customers and get ahead with your idea with support from mentors. Let your idea be validated by customer feedback and prevent designing features or services that consumers do not want.

Event details:

  • Start: Saturday, 25 January, 2014 09:00 a.m.
  • End: Sunday, 26 January, 2014 09:00 p.m.
  • Venue : The Testing Ground, 38 Orchard Road, S(238836)
  • Register here
  • Organizer : [email protected]