iOS app Tempo launches in Singapore; uses Artificial Intelligence engine to provide contextual insights on your contacts, events and appts

Update: Tempo AI’s Co-founder and CEO, Raj Singh chimes in on more details on the Singapore expansion

With the advent of tools such as Google Calendar and Evernote, it has become very easy to organise one’s life, scheduling appointments and events with ease and keeping track of one’s contact information. However, most calendar and contacts apps right now require user input and do not provide insights across other apps, making them little different from a pen-and-paper diary.

Enter the Tempo Smart Calendar. Launched a year ago, it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, developed by SRI International, to analyse data from the a user’s calendar, email and contacts, understanding what is important to surface relevant information and anticipate what a user intends to do, just like a personal assistant. With this popular iOS productivity app, it’s simple to quickly find information and take action, letting busy professionals stay on top of their day and prepare for what’s next.

Said Raj Singh, Tempo AI’s Co-founder and CEO, “At Tempo, our ongoing goal is to get our app into the hands of anyone who has a busy schedule, meets new people on a regular basis or just wants a smarter way to manage the day.” With the calendar, users can initiate common tasks conveniently with just one tap, such as dialing into conference calls, review insights about people they are meeting, send a text when running late, find everyone they know at a company, check a flight status or review a relevant email or document.

Now, Tempo AI, the creator of the Tempo Smart Calendar, has brought its calendar to Singapore. Singh noted, “In moving to Asia, we focused first on Singapore and Hong Kong because both the countries use English as a language of business, and we could localise the rest of the content from there. We’ve been working hard to bring the app to Asia and we chose Singapore as one of the first countries to launch Tempo because we know it’s a hotbed for busy professionals.”

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Because Tempo uses AI and contextual information to organise the schedules of users, it needs to be localised before it is released in a market, given that language and habits vary throughout the world. For Singapore, the Tempo AI team has modified its natural language and semantic learning processes, optimising the way the app handles data such as phone numbers, physical addresses, and colloquialisms like Singlish, that may be used in the context of a calendar.

Singh confirmed that localisation is a big factor influencing Tempo’s launch in different countries. “Since part of Tempo is our deep research in artificial intelligence and semantic learning, every time we launch in a new country, we have to spend a lot of time making sure we understand how people format things such as phone numbers, addresses and even common colloquialisms.”

Concurrently, Tempo AI has also announced an update to the Tempo Smart Calendar, which will incorporate Twitter integration, and add two new features, People Insights and Smart Alerts. Insights provide rich contextual details about the people in the calendar – recent emails, meeting history, mutual contacts, Facebook posts, tweets, LinkedIn information and more – that allow users to easily build rapport and find common ground with their contacts. Smart Alerts allow users to take action right from an alert – like auto-dialing into a conference call, checking a flight status or navigating to a location – without even having to launch the app.

Users in Singapore can download the Tempo Smart Calendar for free here.