Change, a Singapore-based community-led crpto-fintech startup, has raised over US$17.5 million via tokens sale from nearly 6,000 investors.

The startup will use the funds to develop its upcoming digital wallet, banking card and mobile app. With this, customers will have the ability to manage all of their finances — both cryptocurrency and fiat — from an intuitive mobile interface.

In addition, Change has built a marketplace for financial services, allowing users to invest in automated stock portfolios, real estate, and peer-to-peer loans. This enables customers and users to trade and invest at the lowest rates possible.

“Such a large investment has clearly shown us that there is an enormous appetite for an online banking service which is faster, simpler and more powerful,” Kristjan Kangro, Founder and CEO of Change.

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A community-oriented startup with over 20,000 members, Change is a publicly-traded platform. Its digital asset, the Change Token (CAG), is currently listed on cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin, with an average daily-traded volume of over US$200,000, it said in a statement.

Following the crowdfunding, Change now allows customers the ultimate control of all their finances and investments. Whether cryptocurrencies or traditional fiat currencies, The Change Card, to be launched next month, allows customers to spend, invest and manage all their currencies both offline and online.

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The Change Wallet is a multi-asset blockchain wallet supporting a growing number of cryptocurrencies. Users are able to send and receive cryptocurrencies as well as pay for products and services.

Image Credit: Change