Singapore's DataStreamX gets US$370K in seed funding

By Rahil Bhagat
  • DataStreamX is a Big Data startup that runs an online marketplace for real-time data
  • Seed funding has come from private investors
  • New funds will be used to beef up sales and technical teams in core markets

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DataStreamX, a Singapore-based online marketplace for real-time data, today announced raising S$500,000 (US$370,000) in seed funding from private investors.

The new funds will be used to beef up sales and technical teams in core markets.

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“Asia is a black hole of data, there’s a goldmine of information being generated but there isn’t an organised method of distribution,” said Mike Davie, Founder, DataStreamX.

According to the company, it “allows organisations to monetise their real-time data by streaming it through DataStreamX’s information trading platform. Companies, who may otherwise have little opportunity to communicate and share, can leverage on each other’s real-time data sets on DataStreamX”.

“Singapore is leading the Smart Nation wave in the region, but there’s still a lot to be done to make commercial data accessible across industries and countries for their own improvement,” said Davie.

The startup, a graduate of JFDI, was launched in early 2014.

  • DatastreamX
    DatastreamX Singapore DataStreamX helps transform their clients' businesses by delivering actionable data to buyers and creating new revenue opportunities for vendors. Funding: 370K Seed Investors: JFDI

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