Everise, a Singapore-based customer management services company, has signed a binding agreement to acquire US-based Trusource Labs, which specialises in technical support for Internet of Things (IoT) and help desk experiences for Apple users.

Transaction details were not disclosed.

With this deal, Everise aims to elevate and provide resources across multiple platforms in order to provide better customer services. Its goal is to combine the latest in technology, innovation and people to exceed the level of service needed in today’s customer-centric environment and meet the customer service challenges brought by IoT innovations.

The acquisition is expected to close before the end of this calendar year.

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As part of the acquisition, Trusource will maintain its headquarters in Austin, Texas and its experience delivery locations in the US and Europe. The existing co-CEO, Alton Martin, will remain with the company, working closely with Everise’s sister companies C3, Hyperlab, and Globee (Malaysia).

Sudhir Agarwal, CEO of Everise commented: “From our headquarters here in Singapore, we are able to connect ‘things’ to make our lives easier, allowing us to shop, research, call, monitor, power and so on – even remotely – all in the name of convenience. This is a great concept until one device stops communicating with another, and the need for support arises. Everise is now uniquely positioned to support this explosive segment of the BPO market.

“This is the third major expansion in 2018 for Everise and our second acquisition in two months. As one of the fastest growing BPO firms globally, we are bringing together the strongest talent that this industry has to offer, and we are transforming customer experiences globally. Trusource rounds out our delivery capabilities into product and help desk experiences, and Everise will strengthen these by infusing many of the technological innovations our teams have developed to benefit the end user ultimately,” Agarwal added.

According to Martin: “Creating a good customer experience is the heart of any business. Every contact with our clients determines whether or not they will (or won’t) come back. So, it’s imperative to exceed expectations every time and make every aspect of their experience better than expected.”

Trusource provides technical support services to innovative companies worldwide. In addition to the traditional 24/7 help desk with the phone and chat support, Trusource employs self-service approaches like instructional videos, social media and knowledge base articles so end-users can get common issues addressed without having to pick up the phone. They can also help clients create a custom support experience while meeting privacy and security needs.

Trusource Labs employs over 500 team members in the US. This enhances the Everise footprint in the US, which currently employs approximately 7,000 team members under the C3 brand.

Everise — backed by Sunrise BPO Services, Everstone and ACPI — is a global experience company that provides, through its operating companies around the world, a range of customer contact management services for corporate from both US and international locations.