For many film aficionados based in Singapore, The Projector–located at the Golden Mile Tower–is one of the few places where they can fraternize with like-minded individuals and enjoy an eclectic collection of movies ranging from classic Hollywood pictures to esoteric independent films.

The premises houses two refurbished cinema halls, two bars stocked with the essential liquors, and all covered in decor befitting of an arthouse cinema.

And now, to amp up its indie vibe, The Projector has added a new feature – a co-working space. Launched in partnership with “back to basics co-working movement” Clockwork Singapore, film buffs – who are either budding entrepreneurs or screenwriters – can now not only sip latte with their fellow armchair critics, but also work alongside them.

The co-working space occupies only the waiting/hang-out area of the cinema, so it’s not incredibly spacious (compared to other co-working spaces), and is fairly barebones. But while it loses out in size and features, it makes up in simplicity and affordability.

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Most co-working spaces usually offer different tiers of membership. For example, Impact Hub Singapore‘s price plans for its Prinsep premise begins at S$345 (US$244) per month. This gives the user 80 hours of workspace as well as a whole slew of add-ons including global community events, business perks, and other bells and whistles.

In contrast, Clockwork Singapore has adopted a minimalist approach.

“It is all about going back to the basics of working – just getting stuff done. From the facilities, vibes, to post-working perks, everything is pretty much geared towards encouraging productivity and efficiency for the small-pocketed. It’s also about using space more efficiently in dense urban cities like Singapore,” said Blaise Trigg-Smith, co-founder of Clockwork Singapore, in an email to e27.

Trigg-Smith, who holds a MSc in City Design & Social Science from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), worked in the investment banking sector for about 10 years, before leaving to launch her own company, Pocket Projects, in 2013.

Pocket Projects is a creative development consultancy and management company. Essentially, it is in the business of transforming and refurbishing heritage developments to suit the modern era.

The Projector was one of its projects, and now, through Clockwork Singapore, Trigg-Smith is adding another dimension to the already spruced-up space.

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For S$200 (US$142) per month, members can use the co-working space as much as they wish, as long as it is within 9 am to 5 pm from Mondays to Fridays. Essentials such as Wifi, coffee, printer and power are provided.

So what exactly makes The Projector a conducive workplace? Well, for one, screenings usually happen only after 5 pm on weekdays, so there are no distractions. According to the Clockwork FAQ, it also has “lots of natural light, good vibes and other hard working peeps spreading their productive energy. No tantruming toddlers, no chest-beating wantrepreneurs.”

The Projector’s proximity to hawker centres and an MRT station also makes it ideal for entrepreneurs on a tight budget. And for the young and hip crowd, what better way to kick back after a long day of work by simply walking a few steps to grab a beer or catch a film?

The only caveat is that sometimes companies book The Projector for private events: then members will not be able to use the space. If that happens, Clockwork Singapore will inform members beforehand.

Clockwork Singapore said it is not looking to compete with other co-working spaces.

“We don’t seek to even be competitive. We simply exist to provide those with a limited budget, a conducive and no-frills space to get their things together, set their goals, and have a fruitful time working towards them. We’d like to think people get that – no gimmicks – just work. We’re not intimidating that way,” said Trigg-Smith.

Members are allowed to bring a friend free-of-charge for a maximum period of one hour. Beyond that, they are required to purchase a day pass like everyone else, which costs S$30 (US$21).

Clockwork Singapore plans to launch co-working spaces in at least four other locations in Singapore. But for now, entrepreneurs looking to cut back and move away from the hustle and bustle of the city environment, The Projector’s co-working space may be an ideal fit.

Image Credit: Clockwork Singapore