Thou shalt not live by flash sales alone, but with 24/7 booking rates alongside current operations. That’s what Singapore-based members-only hotel and villa flash sale site is saying with its most recent pivot and relaunch. In addition, users can look forward to a new villa booking option and online magazine.


Stephanie Chai, Founder and Chief Nomad,

In an official statement, Stephanie Chai, Founder and Chief Nomad said, “The key to running any business is that you are continuously growing and adapting to consumer demands and behaviour.”

Her initial focus for the company was on flash sales, which worked well, but change is the only constant; also members don’t want to just wait for random, two-weeks long sale periods.

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She added, “Whilst this segment appeals greatly to the deal-savvy traveller, we found there is also a growing segment that is not price sensitive and prefers to book at any point in the day. With this pivot, we now cover both ends of the market.” With 24/7 booking rates, members can book hotels and villas all days of the year.

There is also a live chat system available during office hours from Mondays to Fridays, where members can ask customer service representatives questions about a range of travel-related topics. Its online magazine, on the other hand, will provide a list of travel, fashion, and style news with city guides and reviews from celebrities and online influencers.

Launched in July 2012, the Innosight Ventures- and Zipan Enterprise Network-backed startup offers 400 properties across Asia-Pacific and Europe. Growth is also visible for TheLuxeNomad with 10 staffers across three regional offices, and having its revenues tripled from June 2013 to December 2013.