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Do you love Instagram? Want to discover some great entrepreneurial Instagram accounts? These six people are doing what they love and sharing their beautiful journeys on Instagram.

Married couple Dave and Deb from The Planet D are truly living the dream. They always wanted to quit their jobs and travel, and that’s precisely what they did. Not only that, but they make a living from travelling and blogging about it. Now the couple partners with companies like American Express and Expedia, and has traveled to every continent and more than 80 countries. They want to show that you don’t have to be rich to be an adventurer.

Kim Ficaro is a prop stylist that makes photo shoots beautiful. Her work has been featured on the covers of Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Living, Real Homes, and Bon Appétit. She also partners with clothing brands such as Antropologie, Canvas, Design Within Reach, Jack Spade, and West Elm.

Rameet Chawla, CEO of Fueled, is not the typical geeky tech startup guru. His innovative ideas have greatly contributed to Fueled’s award winning app designs, which have been used by high-end fashion brands and successful tech startups.

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If you’re looking for a designer’s perspective on creativity and business, then Sean McCabe is your man. He podcasts every Wednesday and Friday. By trade, McCabe is passionate about hand lettering and so was the legendary Steve Jobs.

In a world where print feels like a product of the past, Anna Bond, Founder & Creative Director at Rifle Paper, is proving us wrong. Her gift and stationary company started as a small business in 2009, and is now an international brand. This goes to show that when there is a vision (and great design), there is a way.

Junanto Herdiawan may not be an entrepreneur but his photography can take you by surprise. An economist by profession, he is a “flying traveler”, photographer, and food lover from Surabaya, Indonesia.

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