Indonesian human resource management platform Sleekr today announced that it has merged with accounting platform Kiper. After the merger, Kiper will now be renamed as Sleekr Accounting, expanding Sleekr’s offering into accounting services as well.

Four years since its founding, the company claimed to have secured 5,000 users through word-of-mouth marketing. Kiper Founder Agung Purnama stated that the team can now expect exponential growth with the support of Sleekr’s marketing team.

“Our company’s focus has always been on creating the most complete yet affordable accounting solution, so we have not dedicated any resources to marketing, relying only on word-of-mouth. Now that we have the backing of Sleekr’s marketing team, we expect exponential growth,” he said in a press statement.

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Sleekr Founder Suwandi Soh cited a shared value between the two companies that led to the merger.

“Kiper shares our values of providing affordable yet powerful solutions for small-medium enterprises and startups. We liked how easy and intuitive it was to use it, to the point where someone with no accounting background can manage their own company’s book-keeping and finances,” he said.

The Jakarta-based startup began when Soh invested in a human resource management solution created by his brother’s company Harnods.

Sleekr focusses on employee management for startups and small businesses. To fulfill its global ambition, the startup is also setting up a Singapore office.