In November 2016, business management platform Sleekr announced a merger with accounting platform Kiper to complement its existing human resource (HR) management platform.

Though each platform has been operating in silo ever since, Sleekr co-founder and CEO Suwandi Soh revealed in a media conference on Wednesday that the startup is planning to integrate the two services in the long run.

“Right now they are two different products aimed at two different audiences. But our vision is to unite them and making them more integrated in the future,” explained Soh.

Its HR management platform includes features such as database management, claims management, time-off management, statistic dashboard, payroll processing, and absence management. It also allows users to automate the process of printing a set of name cards.

As for its accounting platform, it includes features such as cash management, sales and procurement, inventory management, automate depreciation, financial reporting, and business dashboard.

Apart from that, Sleekr is also looking forward to officially launch their MySleekr mobile app, which is already available to download on iOS and Android devices.

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The mobile app will allow users to apply for leave, submit reimbursement, and check payslip. It even included an employee directory that allows user to contact an employee’s Whatsapp number through the app.

Does Sleekr have any plan to expand beyond HR management and accounting?

Soh said that at the moment, they want to focus on these two sectors.

“We noticed that there are still many needs that we have to fulfill … There are still many opportunities to work with other partners,” he explained.

To provide services in its platform such as taxation and name card printing, they partner with taxation startup Online Pajak and online name card printing service KartuNama.

They have also integrated their system with mobile point-of-sales (POS) platform Moka.

In the next three months, Sleekr is looking to further develop its features and add more POS and banking partners. It is also looking to develop mobile check-in feature.

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Sleekr listed startups such as UangTeman, SaleStock, Modalku, KitaBisa, Dekoruma, EV Hive, and IDN Media as its clients.

It tends to target startups and SMEs as its core market, though the company is surprised to find Japanese manufacturer such as Nagase in their client list as the platform is not designed for big corporations.

The majority of their users are centered in Jakarta, though Sleekr also has users in Bali and Borneo.

The Jakarta-based startup is currently run by a team of 70 people, with developer teams based in Bandung and Jogjakarta.