The Echelon 2012 alumnus has been gearing for its Amazon Kindle Fire launch since December last year, and the app is now available for download on the platform. The Kindle Fire is essentially a fork of Android, although Amazon uses its own AppStore to distribute apps and content.

Additionally, SnapDish is now avaialable in 11 languages, reaching a wider audience than before. These include Thai, Indonesian, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese in addition to it’s prior lineup of English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional/Simplified), and Korean.

The food photo sharing app was originally launched in Japan in May 2012, and initially supported English and Japanese, and adding Korean three months after. The app quickly spread to an international audience, and 30% of SnapDish downloads and posts now originate from outside Japan.

SnapDish, which received an investment from Digital Garage in November 2012, has been popular in Asian countries like Thailand, says Hidetaka Fukushima, international business developer for the Japan startup. However, the app was not localized, which was a limiting factor for users not used to the app’s initial languages. “Not only can our current users benefit from the comfort of using ‘SnapDish’ in their mother tongue, but they can also recommend the app to their friends in their local region. We will get to reach a truly enthusiastic audience.”

With the inclusion of new languages, Hidetaka says SnapDish hopes to encourage users from Europe and South America to use the app. “Hopefully we will see delicious looking photos of the local food and also expand our users in these areas.”

SnapDish is a free download, and is available on multiple platforms, including the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and the Amazon AppStore. Locally, SnapDish is also available on au Market and qiip in Japan and T Store in South Korea.