Entrepreneur First (EF), a platform which brings together extraordinary people to build startups from scratch, has announced its third cohort of 23 startups at its bi-annual Investor Day in Singapore.

The event marks the culmination of an intensive six-month programme for the 45 founders, who presented at Investor Day. These founders met their co-founders, developed their ideas, and launched their companies during the programme, with the support of EF’s global network of top entrepreneurs and alumni.

These startups have worked on cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies with an aim to reshape major industries such as manufacturing, entertainment and healthcare, globally.

The third Singapore cohort is also its largest to date as 23 teams were built and funded by EF through the programme. This follows the 12 and 14 Singapore-funded companies built in EF’s first and second cohorts, respectively.

Alex Crompton, Managing Director of EF Singapore, said: “Six months ago, this cohort joined us as extraordinary individuals, and today they have extraordinary companies. We’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to support Southeast Asia’s most ambitious people, funding hundreds of founders a year. EF companies have raised over a third of Singapore’s professional seed capital over the last 12 months, and EF alumni new and old are helping Singapore to elevate its status as one of the world’s top startup ecosystems.”

Entrepreneur First (EF) was founded in London in 2011 by Matt Clifford and Alice Bentinck. EF’s talent-first model funds individuals to help build co-founding teams, develop ideas, and access the world’s best investors. To date, EF, which opened its first office in Singapore in 2016, has helped over 500 individuals build over 120 companies with a total valuation of over US$1 billion.

In 2017, EF raised a funding round of US$12.4 million, led by Reid Hoffman (Founder of LinkedIn) and Greylock Partners.

Here is brief description of the 23 startups —

Blockpunk: An entertainment startup that uses cutting-edge blockchain technology to give creators more control over their digital rights.

AIMLedge: It equips any sensor with deep learning capabilities to realise widespread adoption of IoT.

Pencil: An AI platform that can generate original, pre-optimised ad copy and visuals at scale.

Onkolyze: Its computer simulation software helps doctors predict how chemotherapy will shrink specific patient’s tumours before treatment.

FireVisor Systems: It enables manufacturing companies to predict and prevent product failures using AI that understands manufacturing data.

Split: A payment platform that integrates with travel websites or apps to give travellers the ability to pay in instalments.

Archanan: It aims to revolutionise supercomputing by changing how scientific software is developed.

Bus Uncle Company: A chatbot platform that has already worked with large companies such as Google and McDonald’s.

Propine Capital: It makes storing crypto assets safe, reliable and convenient.

Xtra PlayAR: It wants to bring world-class training via AR glasses with technical and tactical live feedback to every football player and sports athlete.

Articulink: It is building a wearable silent speech interface — imagine speaking a message to yourself in your head and your phone sending it.

Neurobit: It is building the next revolution in wearable sleep technology.

Privyr: It empowers salespeople to deliver the best customer experiences at scale.

Musiio: It is using AI to change the way the biggest music artists in the world will be discovered.

Qandela: It is developing high resolution automotive grade solid-state LiDAR.

Crypto Squad: It helps traders create and manage crypto funds.

V-Flow Tech: It produces long-lasting energy storage solutions for renewables.

Adaface: It is using AI to reimagine tech hiring for Generation Z.

It’s Next: It is introducing AI into the animation and visual effects world.

Konigle: It is building the future of analytics for small business owners.

Atomionics: It is building the next-generation atomic sensing technology for navigation and exploration.

Untangle AI: It understands, modifies and explains AI models and their decisions.

Entropica Labs: It is developing quantum computing tools to address the intense information processing needs of industries such as healthcare, drug development, and agritech