JobTalents, a Thai-based social hiring platform, today announced receiving an undisclosed sum of funding from three directors from Ookbee, a Thai e-book platform firm. Yojiro Koshi, CEO, TalentEx, the parent company of JobTalents,  tells e27 that the investment sum is under US$100,000.

Its launch, which took place this morning, also opens up the portal to employers with a post-for-free feature. This means that employers will be able to post, test and interview candidates for free, but only have to pay upon employing an applicant. The fee comes at THB 5,000 (US$150) per hired individual.

In addition, JobTalents claims to offer an “online skill test” which allows companies to request specific documents which prove an applicant’s proficiency in certain skill sets. For example, if a company is looking for a designer, it can require the applicant to submit a .psd file with past works.

At the moment, JobTalents will only be opening the platform to clients to build its database of job postings. The site will only be fully available after the new year, with social recruitment features in place. Users can log in with their Facebook accounts, “like” job posts of companies and see posts recommended by friends, giving job search discovery a boost.

Moo Nattavudh, CEO, Ookbee, who has invested in JobTalents, said that he thinks startup founders and human resource managers will love the free-to-post service. He added, “(My co-founders and I), Charn and Joe, also know Koshi and believe he’s the right person to run this.”

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Koshi is also looking raise another round of funding after accomplishing various milestones in a couple of months. The team, made up of Koshi and a few part-time staff including a developer handling the prototype, will soon see a full-time Thai member come on board.

While the site might have garnered quite a good number of companies to go live, it might be a good idea for JobTalents to give the artistic design of the site a second look. At the moment, the banner image is practically unreadable, and logo thumbnails are not cut to the correct size. In general, it does not look very professional.


In 2014, JobTalents will look towards expanding into other Southeast Asian countries.

Featured Image Credit: Jirsak / Shutterstock