The tail end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 marked a slow push in getting next-gen consoles into China the legal way. Sony Computer Entertainment’s latest move in Asia is continuing that initiative.

According to an official announcement, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia has opened up a new internal group called the China Strategy Department. This group will be led by SCE Japan Asia’s Vice President of China Business Strategy Takehito Soeda.

So far, there haven’t been that many details shared about the new group, though it hints at Sony’s intent to bring PlayStation consoles (specifically the new PS4 console) to China. This is following China’s decision to suspend its sales ban on video game systems, which has been in effect since 2000.

Coupled with this and Microsoft’s partnership with BesTV New Media to push out region-specific content for its impending Xbox One launch, 2014 seems like a possibly lucrative time to cash in onto the China market, at least in publisher’s eyes. Even China-based developers The9 and Telco ZTE joined in on the fun with its NVidia Tegra 4-powered console, the Fun Box, which is out now.

The real question is: with China’s gaming culture ingrained with PC gaming and free-to-play models, will the retail model and traditional methods of playing a console even work in the region?