Sony tops Nintendo in video game console sales first time since 2005

The PlayStation makers sold a total of 18.7 million systems in its 2013 fiscal year, thanks to the release of its recent console

By Jonathan Toyad

Games like Destiny are what is making the PlayStation 4 more attractive to own. Image credit: Bungie

Games like Destiny are what is making the PlayStation 4 more attractive to own. Image credit: Bungie

In the first time in eight years, Sony Computer Entertainment is the current sales leader in video game consoles, overtaking Nintendo‘s record.

The PlayStation company sold a total of 18.7 million systems last fiscal year, according to a Nikkei report. This may have been due to the release of the PlayStation 4 in November in the US and the rest of the world except for Japan; Sony moved seven million units before the end of March 2014. Conversely, PlayStation Vita sales declined by 20 per cent in that same period.

Sony topped the console sales list in 2005, most likely due to the popularity of the PlayStation 2. It went downhill since then since the PlayStation 3 underwhelmed every consumer’s expectations, thanks to a high price and lack of attractive software in comparison to Nintendo’s Wii and DS consoles.

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Nintendo’s console sales for the Wii U and 3DS during its 2013 fiscal year slid 31 per cent to 16.31 million units. Microsoft sales went up 16 per cent to 11.6 million consoles due to the US release of the Xbox One last November.

It remains to be seen if Sony Computer Entertainment can keep up the sales momentum, not forgetting that the video game console market has an uphill battle against the mobile gaming trend. In any case, the second half of the year in terms of gaming is looking exciting indeed; let’s hope for a lot of interesting and groundbreaking stories from this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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