From left to right, Patrick Grove, iflix Co-Founder and Chairman; Yong Dal Kim, COO of JTBC; and Mark Britt, iflix Co-Founder, and Group CEO

Southeast Asia-wide streaming service iflix just announced the strategic investment it received from JTBC Content Hub, South Korean media company JTBC’s content distribution arm.

The investment also marked the partnership between the two that will see iflix to distribute JTBC’s premium content across Asia. An official statement from iflix also noted the plan for further collaborations that may include co-productions in iflix markets.

Another part of the deal will have JTBC’s contributing a library of over 500 hours top-rated dramas for free to iflix viewers.

In South Korea, JTBC claimed to be the source of the country’s youth-focussed content with new format in dramas with controversial themes.

“JTBC is a powerhouse in Korea, producing exciting new content that reflects the dynamic Korean entertainment industry,” said Mark Britt, iflix Co-Founder and Group CEO on the partnership.

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At iflix, Korean dramas are consistently ranking high for user acquisition and engagement, which iflix said is in line with the company’s target market, regardless of territory.

“iflix is a leading OTT service provider in Southeast Asia and is providing quality content all over the region through its innovative platform. With its fast-growing economy and attractive demographics, Southeast Asia has always been one of the most important regions to JTBC. Through iflix, we hope more and more SEA people enjoy JTBC’s content,” said Kyungmoon Jung, Chief Executive Officer of JTBC Content Hub.

Image Credit: iFlix