Spotizen is a Bangalore-based startup that has built an app to help find Singapore drivers find parking spots.

Essentially, it extracts data from the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA), Urban Development Authority (URA), and drivers’ smartphones, and combine them all into one big data engine to predict parking spot availability in real-time.

And now, Spotizen has introduced a new feature — a Facebook (FB) messenger bot. Within three queries, it is able to find the nearest available parking lots to the driver. Users need to enable location services on their Facebook messenger bot so that it can pinpoint the parking lots closest to them. Check it out below:

Users can also “favourite” their preferred parking lots and view other parking information such as pricing schemes.

In an email correspondence with e27, Spotizen’s co-founder Karthik Kumaraswamy said the development of this feature represents a strategic shift from developing native apps to leveraging on mainstream communication apps that see the most frequent usage.

“Bots are the first step in this new strategy. We have always been a Data Intelligence driven company and we are now focusing on leveraging these large messaging platforms to deliver value for users,” said Kumaraswamy.

Spotizen’s larger goal is to build out a smart, AI-powered service for the entire automotive ecosystem, through tapping on Facebook users’ engagement with the platform.

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“For car owners…the next step is to help users get smart alerts on parking and traffic if they are attending any event,” said Kumaraswamy.

“Our next big feature will be enabling easy discovery of automotive services like car care and maintenance so users can easily find and connect with service providers without leaving FB Messenger,” he added.

In the further future, Spotizen envisions a messenger bot that will help drivers receive cool products like offers on fuel, parking or insurance, or unpleasant reminders of parking offences and fine payment dues.

Image Credit: Spotizen

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