, a crowdsourcing platform in Indonesia, is currently seeing a massive growth of its community with more than 25,000 designers from all over the world. These designers have produced over 135,000 design portfolios for clients. Sribu is also proud to announce that they have more than 500 paying clients, ranging from startups to mid-sized multinational companies spread out across Southeast Asia.

Sribu also announced that the company has reached monthly breakeven anda are looking to elevate to a new height. To date, they have reached one billion rupiah pay-out to their designers. CEO of, Ryan Gondokusumo said that their goal in future is to penetrate deep into regional market with the positioning as an online graphic design company that provides Asian flavour.

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By creating a fusion with the local branding, it is a sure hit among the clients especially the ones looking for familiarity or for something exotic and new. According to Massolution, the market spending for crowdsourcing design is increasing at 105 percent compared to the previous year. Founded in September 2011, Sribu received a seed funding from East Ventures in February 2012. Not only that, Ryan mentioned that the company is currently fund raising to grow Sribu to the next level.

The vision of is to be the number one online graphic design and printing company in Southeast Asia. Its mission is to give the opportunity for people to be creative and to provide business risk free and guaranteed solutions through crowdsourcing. With Ryan’s years of experience in team building, product development, strategic marketing, digital marketing and retails, they are definitely rooted towards achieving their goals.

Image credit : Sribu