Entrepreneurship is a long, arduous journey, and its tracks are often filled with the thorns of uncertainties. No wonder most startups fail midway. Only those who have the grit to face uncertainties can emerge triumphant in the startup world.

Data shows that only one in 10 startups will succeed. Successful ones always get a lot of press, but what is happening with the other nine ones? Have we ever thought of the people behind these failed ventures?

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I have a 23-year-old entrepreneur friend whose first venture died an untimely death after a promising start — despite giving his best, committing full time, and investing loads of money. The unexpected turn of events in the startup life pushed him into depression. His life is now totally dependent on anti-depressants and his relatives have no idea how to get him out of this mess.

Can you readers post your advices/suggestions?


Image Credit: mikdam / 123RF Stock Photo