The National Innovation Agency (NIA), a government agency of Thailand with the mission of supporting and developing Thailand’s innovation system, reintroduces Startup Nation this year as Southeast Asia’s biggest tech conference — gathering the nation’s hottest startups, along with entrepreneurs, speakers, and investors from all around the globe. Placing Thailand well and truly on the startup map, NIA unveils Bangkok as a tech hub of the future.

NIA seeks to support and develop Thailand’s innovation system by virtue of improvements and initiations — all to promote economic restructuring and competitive enhancement. NIA functions as the vehicle for Thailand’s national innovation through co-creation, networking, fostering, and partnering with different organizations from various spaces including academic, technology, industry, finance, and investment.

With this, NIA’s launching of Startup Nation comes as no surprise as the 5-day event happening on 23 – 27 July 2019 works congruently with the agency’s vision for a future Thailand.

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At the Startup Nation, around 500 startups hailing from 25 countries will be showcasing their latest innovations, meanwhile the programme will exhibit key insights to be discussed by 300 tech gurus and speakers sharing the space alongside those startups—making Startup Nation one of the biggest tech events in Southeast Asia.

The event also features pitching opportunities for participating startups, market insights from Asia and Europe, 2019 highlights that will identify global trends in deep tech, as well as MAR (music, art, recreation) tech with a special AR/VR music festival—essentially a hodgepodge of all the things that startup founders love and the things startup founders need.

A total of 9 government agencies, private sectors, and universities will also be hosting these respective events in 9 different venues, namely: NIA, Siam Innovation, The Knowledge Exchange (KX), AIS Design Center, Hanger by DTAC Accelerate, Glowfish, Naplab, Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC), and True Digital Park.

All nine venues are located on the BTS and MRT lines, making it very convenient for participants to go to each venue during the 5-day Startup Thailand event.

Southeast Asia Startup Assembly: an initiative co-created by NIA

With Southeast Asia being comprised of ten countries, collectively encompassing a total population size of about 650 million people, Southeast Asia has become one of the fastest growing region when it comes to technology adoption globally.

The main problem faced by the region is how fragmented it is despite the strong regional and cultural ties that tethers Southeast Asian countries together. Members of the region are separated by differing currencies, languages, and business environments.

Because of this recent boom in the tech and startup scene, however, certain key players and institutions recognize the need to accelerate the formation of new and improved government policies and programmes within the region.

Thus, the Southeast Asia Startup Assembly (SEASA) was forged and is to be inaugurated through the SEASA forum that aims to start the first discussion on market access programmes available to the growth of startups in building their various businesses across the region.

SEASA was formed primarily when the idea was mooted by Dr. Pun-Arj Chairatana of NIA and Thaddeus Koh of e27. The goal is to form a semi-government bloc that aims to create a continual discussion of e27 hosted grassroots issues accompanied by proposed solutions.

As such, the inaugural SEASA will be hosted by Thailand on 24 July 2019 at the Avani Sukhumvit Bangkok, from 8:00 to 8:30, under the theme “Advancing Partnership for Sustainability.”

This inaugural theme is consistent to NIA’s mission to bridge further the different countries of Southeast Asia to achieve common goals, reestablishing concerted efforts from the government agency to push for Thailand as a global startup hub of the future—efforts such as Startup Thailand’s 5-day event, and many others.

Deep Tech in Startup Thailand

What can participants expect in Startup Thailand, exactly? Well, for starters, Startup Thailand will be putting the spotlight on certain key topics, namely: agritech, foodtech, healthtech, MARtech, hackathons, and whatnot. The event will have ample time for participants to meander through the different venues on the different dates to be able to explore the diverse topics and trends featured in the 5-day event.

One of its key issues this year that’s already making a lot of noise in the startup ecosystem is the topic of deep tech. On July 24th at the KX Knowledge Exchange, Startup Nation will be highlighting trends surrounding AI & robotics, energy, the restaurant of the future, medtech, as well as technology commercialization.

When we talk about deep tech, we talk about technology that’s based on tangible engineering innovation or scientific advances and discoveries. Deep tech is often set apart by its profound enabling power, the differentiation it can create, and its potential to be a catalyst for change—all important factors being looked at by today’s tech spectrum, especially ones that seek to impact the world in truly life-changing ways.

Some of the key players who will be taking the stage to talk about deep tech are Philipp Kristian Diekhöner, a global keynote speaker on innovation, Thomas Chrometzka of Enapter, and Thanyathat Angsuphisit, Managing Director of Technimal, among many others.

Want to be part of Startup Thailand?

The real value of Startup Nation in Thailand is to help you shift your mindset, mode of business, and future, all by joining the event that can revolutionise the nation. New graduates, budding entrepreneurs, and potential investors are all welcome to join and help shake up the nation.

If you’re interested in being part of history and immersing yourself not only in a sea of some of the hottest innovations spicing up the global tech spectrum today, but also to learn from the hotbed of ideas and insights being exchanged by some of the best and the brightest in the world of tech, then Startup Nation 2019 is for you.

You can register as either an attendee or a startup booth by clicking here. Check out the link for more information on Startup Nation 2019.

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