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There is this saying, “you cannot teach what you do not know.” Same can be said for experiences.

When Larry Ellison founded Oracle in 1977, they were a small software startup looking to make software services accessible to many. And while innovation is one of the key things that made Oracle successful, their ability to partner and develop ideas with different innovators has also driven that success.

Now, Oracle has grown into a multi-billion dollar global technology corporation that is present in 175 countries and has over a hundred thousand employees. They are far from the startup they once were but that doesn’t mean they have forgotten what it was like.

“Startup values run deep in our programme’s DNA”

Oracle understands startups. They believe that startups are at the heart of innovation and they know what the journey from idea to enterprise entails.

Hence, the birth of Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator in 2016, a next-generation acceleration initiative run by Oracle’s global R&D team. The idea is to reimagine enterprise and startups relationships through “true partnerships that foster collaboration, co-development, and inspire global innovation.”

With nine global locations (Austin, Bristol, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Paris, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Tel Aviv), the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator has provided startups with hands-on, immersive co-working experience that stay true to it mission, which is “to provide enriching, collaborative partnerships to enable next-generation growth, business development, and drive cloud-based innovation for startups throughout all stages of their journey.”

startup innovation

Not your traditional accelerator programme

Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator is a six-month programme that focuses on individually developing the startups they accept in their cohort.

Their tailor-made approach ensures that each startup gets the support that they need, as well as these programme elements:

  • No equity taken, and access to free cloud credits
  • Business development opportunities with 430,000+ Oracle global customers
  • Scale to enterprise-grade solution and migration assistance
  • World-class mentorship, and connections to investors
  • A customised curriculum, and professional coworking space

Other than these, what makes Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator valuable is that it provides its startups with multiple opportunities to build revenue, test and market their product, and get feedback on their innovation.

This opportunity is not something that most accelerators can provide. Added to that, Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator is equity-free, with a high-touch approach to connecting startups to quality enterprise customers across global markets.

Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerators in Singapore and India are currently accepting applications from all technology startups. Applications for the next cohorts at Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai are also open.

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Deadline of application on 28 June 2018

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