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Meet Bixuu, a new entrant into the services marketplace space. The portal, launched mid-August, is a platform for people looking for events services such as caterers or wedding planners.

Currently, Bixuu provides listings in Singapore and Metro Manila. Andrew Magnaye, Co-founder, Bixuu told e27, Bixuu is a search, comparison and booking platform for services. We are, in essence, a marketplace for all things services.”

“We built a scalable platform that will allow us to go to different markets and verticals with ease. Our near-term focus now is events — which is basically a platform to connect event service providers to potential customers,” he added.

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Andrew Magnaye, Co-founder,

Andrew Magnaye, Co-founder,

Bixuu is self funded by Magnaye and his Co-founder Satyaranjan and they plan to continue bootstrapping as long as they can. “Creating and launching something today is cheap thanks to cloud computing,” said Magnaye.

Who is Bixuu for?
On the supply side, it is partnering with venue owners, caterers, photographers and other event-related vendors. On the demand side, its target audience are individuals and organisations looking to organise  parties, weddings, events and other functions. 

The company allows service providers like wedding planners, caterers, drivers and the like to advertise for free on their site, set their prices and wait for potential customers. It monetises by taking a cut on all confirmed bookings.

The inspiration
When Magnaye and his fiancee (now wife) were planning their wedding, it was very hard trying to find vendors to handle the different elements.

“A friend then contacted us and offered her services as a wedding planner. She did everything as advertised, but then at one point, I heard about her experiencing the same troubles we experienced. If she, a wedding planner with lots of contacts was having difficulties, there must be a better way to do this! That was the AHA! moment, and that is when the idea of Bixuu was born,” shared the Co-founder.

Moving ahead
The challenge now for the startup is getting vendors on-board and getting the brand to be recognised in the markets it is present in today.

“We are not limited to events. In the coming weeks, you’ll see us rolling out new features and we’ll be adding a new verticals to our offering,” shared Magnaye with e27.

Bixuu has lofty aspirations. The few-weeks-old startup is aiming to be in every major ASEAN city by the end of the year. We wish the team all the best.