According to e27’s Southeast Asia Startup Ecosystem Report 2018, Indonesia led the region capturing a total of US$4.07 billion in startup fundraising with their four local unicorns (Bukalapak, GO-JEK, Tokopedia, Traveloka) paving the way.

While momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing this year, Adam Haluska, Head of Marketing at, continues to champion community and ecosystem building from the ground up via his annual Startup Weekend Jakarta.

According to Haluska, “Even though we are living in the golden era of entrepreneurship it’s difficult to start a business. The event brings together like-minded participants from different backgrounds pitch ideas for new startup companies, form teams around these ideas, and collaborate to develop working prototypes, demos, or presentations.

We want to help young entrepreneurs to kickstart their ideas, build a team and find mentorship for their business journey.”

About startup weekend Jakarta 2019

Startup Weekend Jakarta is a 54-hours weekend event where groups of like-minded participants from different backgrounds can pitch ideas for new startup companies, form teams around these ideas, and collaborate to develop working prototypes, demos, or presentations.

From 5-7 April, the event will host more than 100 attendees at the Greenhouse Coworking and Office Space Multivision Tower.

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There will be a diverse roster of mentors in-attendance to deliver workshops and provide valuable feedback to participating teams. This year, the line-up includes prominent figures like Anthony Reza (Co-founder at Get Kraft), Aditya Kumar (Vice President of Corporate Development at Go-Jek), Elisah Suteja (Deputy CEO at FORE Coffee) and Diajeng Lestari (CEO at Hijup).

Inspired from the momentum and track record of previous years

Speaking on his passion and motivation for running the annual event, Haluska said, “We are excited to see how people who don’t even know each other work together for 54 hours, create new ideas and build them into something that might potentially succeed and make a difference.

During our last edition, one of the teams secured an investment two weeks post-event, which makes us super happy and proud.

The participants will walk away with new friends, potential business connections and partners, team members, mentor connections and a minimum viable product that might become an actual business. Not to mention three days of fun, food and drink in their belly.”

e27 x Startup Weekend Jakarta

At e27, we avidly support and participate in ecosystem building initiatives. These help us stay true and relevant to our mission — empowering entrepreneurs with the tools to build and grow their businesses.

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Regarding the partnership with e27, Haluska shared, “The ultimate goal is to contribute to the local ecosystem and help businesses to succeed. e27 can help us provide the necessary exposure to gather people with diverse backgrounds but similar interests and create something lasting.

If e27 could join us to support the most innovative ideas and the startup with the most social impact focus, we think the stories of these startups could turn some heads, help young entrepreneurs get attention and fundamentally contribute to the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

For more information about Startup Weekend Jakarta 2019, visit here.