Startup Weekend Manila – Fourth Edition is set for this Friday to Sunday, and the organizers promise the event to be another “no-talk, all action” weekend, where teams can pitch their ideas and prototypes and get mentorship from various stakeholders in the startup community. As part of this, Startup Weekend Manila has partnered with Pascual Laboratories in bringing focus to yet another important issue to the table: health.

While health-oriented startups have mostly been involved in scheduling, appointments and knowledge sharing, Startup Weekend Manila aims to go deeper into the realm of medicine and healthcare. As such, a special prize will be given to startup teams that can come up with a “health-related idea and working prototype of an app that best collects data in real-time in aid of health-related services, research and development, and clinicals.”

This should be in any of the four areas:

  • Women’s health and hygiene (e.g. reproductive health);
  • Mental health (e.g. depression, schizophrenia);
  • Tropical or parasitic diseases (e.g. dengue, malaria, tuberculosis);
  • Cancer/oncology (e.g. lung, breast).

Minette Navarrete, president of Kickstart Ventures and one of the Startup Weekend Manila organizers, said that teams do not necessarily have to find a cure for diseases and disorders. Rather, these can be applications that help improve healthcare and management in the country and beyond. “The team doesn’t need to find the cure for cancer: but tackling specific aspects of health services and R & D such as medical data collection, early detection and diagnosis, remote monitoring of clinical trials, compliance with treatments, or reporting of disease incidence could be useful.”

The winner gets a PhP 25,000 (about US$600), and will also get the chance to work directly with Pascual Laboratories as a client, which will help the winning team get real-life customer validation and usability testing. In addition, office space will be provided for six months at Pascual Labs’ upcoming co-working space at Fort Bonifacio in Taguig. The winning team also gets direct access to medical professionals, research data and facilities to further develop their prototypes.

“Depending on progress, the team could potentially qualify for further startup funding of up to 1 million pesos (US$25,000) to accelerate the build and launch of the idea,” Minette adds.

Startup Weekend Manila is set for 5:00 PM today. Register to participate via their event page.