AdPushup provides a platform to increase a site's ad revenue using advanced i/o testing

About AdPushup

In 2013, they started with a vision and we're glad to be pumping all our efforts into it, which is - to help keep the internet's information free and accessible to all.

Web publishers and bloggers need to make money to sustain themselves and their online businesses in order to continuously provide information and knowledge at free of charge to the end user.

They, at AdPushup, understand the relationship between a value provider and a value seeker on the internet. A value seeker is some one who is looking to be entertained, to be thrilled, to stay informed, to gain knowledge, to make money at the minimum viable cost aka 'free'. If you are a value seeker then you can be a student looking to better unravel math or science outside the classroom, a fresh graduate looking for expert advice to nail a job interview, a single working mom using her free time to build an extra skill set to generate more income for her family, a dad searching for the best schools for his kids.

On the other hand, if you are a value provider who is spending resources to share knowledge and information for free, you are still looking to be compensated because without an income your business model will not be sustainable. A value provider can be a news network bringing live news and expert opinions at no cost to the reader, a blogger who is enriching the lives of his millions of followers with the life lessons or funny stories he shares every day, an entrepreneur who has started an online business and is looking to make money so that he can sustain it and continue providing unique value to his online visitors.

AdPushup empowers publishers by helping them increase revenue from their display ad inventory. Their product automatically and continuously optimizes ad layouts with its machine learning algorithm which results in a higher CTR (click through rate) without compromising on the UX.



Round: Venture Round
Round Size: Undisclosed
Date: Aug 2016

Round: Venture Round
Round Size: Undisclosed
Date: Feb 2015
Round: Angel
Round Size: US$632K
Date: Oct 2014