They help anyone to create marketplaces like Etsy or AirBnB easily. Turn your ideas into reality with their innovative and affordable solutions today.

Founded: January 2013

About Arcadier

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or established brand who wants to improve lives and the economy around you, we can help you to be the next disruptive marketplace or sharing economy innovation. There is nothing we can’t do, we got it all covered from web, mobile, to offline-online.

Arcadier is an emerging MaaS (Marketplace-as-a-Software) enterprise, building white label solutions through subscription based web applications and serve as the technology provider for everyone. Every marketplace is delivered in collaboration with you, and built upon a foundation of Arcadier’s core next generation technology that will scale with your business growth.

With us, you can trust yourself to be in good hands, as we focus on staying at the forefront of revolutionary innovation in marketplaces.


Kenneth Low
Kenneth Low Chief Commercial Officer Jan, 2013 - Present
Christopher Woo
Christopher Woo Marketing Communications Apr, 2016 - Present
Carrie Er
Carrie Er Marketing and Communications Specialist May, 2016 - Present
Clarissa Santoso
Clarissa Santoso Marketing & Communications May, 2016 - Present
Pamela Shih Content Strategist May, 2018 - Present

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