Artquant Ltd.

Artquant Ltd.

Artquant Ltd. develop software solutions in the field of financial technologies. Their tool Portfolioand.Me allows users to build and adjust stock portfolios according to market dynamics.

Founded: May 2014

About Artquant Ltd.

ArtQuant Ltd. is a company that provides innovative FinTech and InvestTech solutions. The core idea of the project is to use the achievements of the Russian school of fundamental mathematics in order to create technologies that simplify the work of stock market participants from all over the world.

Their team includes experienced specialists from different mathematical fields but with a focus on Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence methods. Their goal is to create innovative products that can successfully overcome global challenges which are caused by the extraordinary increase of the amount of various data in the financial sphere.

Their product, Portfolioand.Me, is a fundamental analysis tool for the US stock market that is based on artificial intelligence. It allows users to input specific criteria and to monitor the dynamics of company shares and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

The artificial intelligence feature raises the product above existing strategies. By taking into account a number of factors and indicators, the tool creates the optimal stock portfolio and conducts a so-called back-test, showing the user how effective the purchase of the given portfolio would have been during the period from 2005 to 2014.
A stock portfolio can be created in just a few clicks: the user selects a few simple parameters, and the algorithm starts to put together a stock portfolio and shows portfolio dynamics over the past ten years in the form of an easy-to-understand yet detailed graph.

Users can also create portfolios manually via “Stock Search” and “ETF Search” options available on the website. Stocks can be found through broad criteria (by sector or level of capitalization, for example) or through narrow criteria (by the ratio of net debt to total capital, for example). The portfolio can then be supplemented with any other stocks, and users can also change stock ratios. The site also has an option that allows users to monitor portfolios that have already been creat


Alina Chunaeva
Alina Chunaeva Deputy Director Sep, 2014 - Present



Round: Seed
Round Size: US$600K
Date: Aug 2014

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